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19 Steps to Fully Manifest with the Eye of Faith

Ready to start receiving what it is you desire? If you are visualizing but things aren’t really manifesting, you must learn to open the eye of faith. This is the most powerful driving force in your life. There are some key principles you need to incorporate to open the eye of faith and transition visualizations into reality faster than ever before.

These principles come from the book, The Eye of Faith. This is a spiritual book, and if you follow me, you know I am a spiritual person. Whether you believe in a Higher Power or prayer or any of that isn’t really the point. Whatever your belief system is, respect it and apply these principles because they are transformative.

Here are 19 pieces to add to the power of your visualizations – the author calls them illuminants. It’s time to power up your visualization and bring the things you desire into reality.

  1. The desire illuminant – This is letting a desire work in you. You have to actually want what it is that you are seeing.
  2. The precision illuminant – This is getting very precise. Often when people visualize, they are vague and see things as distant. The more specific and precise you are, the more powerful the connection between your spiritual and emotional manifestation will be so that things actually are created.
  3. The calm yet alert illuminant – This is being in a place where you are at peace. A lot of the things that stop people are doubt, frustration, fear, anxiety - and where those exist, they inhibit our ability to see what it is that we want and create. Be able to have that calm feeling.
  4. The fully realized illuminant – It’s very important that the visualization be as though it had already happened. When you see it, it should feel like a current reality.
  5. The lifelike size illuminant – Many times when we see things, they are very small. The more lifelike and more vivid, the more powerful the manifestation.
  6. The living color illuminant – See the colors of the surroundings of what you are creating.
  7. The proximity illuminant – When we meditate or pray, we should see right next to us what it is we are desiring.
  8. The perspective illuminant – You can have an external or internal perspective. From an external perspective, you see yourself from a few feet away. With an internal perspective, you see things from a first-person point of view.
  9. The ambience illuminant – Be specific about the setting in which your object takes place – the surroundings, atmosphere, who you’re with, and what everyone is saying, feeling, and doing.
  10. The motion illuminant – Include actions in real time, like lips moving when someone is speaking.
  11. The clarity illuminant – Get as clear and concise as possible. Envision all the details relevant to your intent. It will fade in and out, but that's okay, just stay calm and continue. You will find that that connection of your intellect, spirit, and mentality will reunite.
  12. The continuity illuminant – Visualizing it all the way through to the end. When I practice this, many times I will be halfway in and my mind strays. It's powerful to follow through with what you are seeing and visualizing all the way to the end. If your thoughts stray, acknowledge it and then bring it back.
  13. The sound illuminant – It’s important to hear the sounds around you, including voices.
  14. The expedient illuminant – Your desire should be expedient for you, God/Higher Power/Universe, and for the person you hope to bless. This just means it should be in alignment with the best interest of yourself, others involved, and your Higher Power.
  15. The touch illuminant – Touch and feel relevant objects when you visualize.
  16. The real intent illuminant – Focus with genuine, real intent.
  17. The initiative illuminant – We should learn to take the initiative and act rather than react. Get out of stimulus-response mode and act for yourself.
  18. The emotion illuminant – Fully experience the feelings and emotions associated with what you desire.
  19. The intensity illuminant – Feel with as much intensity as possible. Sometimes it’s easier to feel intensely negative emotions than when things are going the way we want. Bring that same intensity into what you want to create. Think it, visualize it, and feel it with intense emotion and passion.

You must incorporate all these pieces in order to truly achieve what it is you desire.

Thanks to Ron L. McIntyre for his great book, The Eye of Faith, that spells out these important keys. Put them into practice and you’ll see your visualizations transform into your reality.

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