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2 Simple Ways to Feel Alive

Do you ever feel stagnant? Like there’s no improvement, flow, or forward movement in your life? Here are two simple ways to get your heart pumping again.

#1: Get outside of yourself and go serve someone

A wise spiritual leader once said, “The most miserable people are obsessed with themselves. The happiest people are those who lose themselves in the service of others. If you are complaining about life then you’re thinking of yourself.”  Serving others can lift you out of a slump. It shifts focus and generates new, fresh energy.

Here in Utah, we have a big lake that is a bit of an anomaly - The Great Salt Lake. It’s a saltwater lake not connected to an ocean. It is also somewhat unique in that it has inlet but no outlet. This causes it’s salt concentration to be so high that it supports almost no life. Most lakes give and receive and thus support a variety of life. When you are only receiving, like the Great Salt Lake, you stagnate.

Service doesn’t have to take a lot of time. An easy way to serve is to pay someone a compliment. Do you ever feel bad when you are complimenting? It benefits the receiver but lifts you, too.

#2: Go do something that scares you

I don’t mean doing something dangerous. I’m talking about taking a look at what you might be resisting because it scares you -- especially things that are out of the ordinary for you. Maybe it’s being around people or speaking in public.

Life is all about growth. When we stay inside our comfort zone for too long, we just exist - there’s no growth. If you want to feel alive, get out of your comfort zone. Go talk to a random stranger or volunteer for something you would normally shy away from. Find something that you normally avoid or resist and go do it. When growth happens we feel like we are progressing - we feel alive.

So, if you’re ever in that odd space of stale existence, just ask yourself who can I serve? Then ask what’s something scary that would stretch me? As you use these two techniques, you will snap out of that funk and step into a more passionate you. You will have more energy. You will be more excited. You will feel alive. You will have more opportunities and abundance come to you because you are actively doing something outside of the norm.

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