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2 Steps to Let Go of the Old Year and Create in the New

We all have things that we regret or didn't enjoy from last year. When you acknowledge what you didn’t like in the past and let it go, you take the power from it and open space inside of you for new experiences. Thoughts and emotions, including those associated with experiences, are made up of energy. Energy takes up space. So, when we have regrets, limiting beliefs, old habits, negative experiences and we keep them trapped, pressure builds up which leads to problems and more negative experiences.

Here’s a simple 2-step process to help you let go of last year’s negatives:

Step 1 – Acknowledge the things you didn't like

Make a list of categories like

  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Relationships
  • Workplace/business
  • Self
  • Education
  • Travel

For each category, write down what you didn’t like last year and acknowledge it. When you’re done, say thank you. I’m grateful. I learned my lesson, and I choose to let this go.

As you let it go, it opens space for you to create what you want.

Step 2 - Acknowledge the great things from last year

Using the same categories, this time list great things that happened last year.

Now you have a solid foundation to create what you want in the New Year.

To take this further, join our Facebook group and check out our January 2018 challenge where we start with this foundation and then teach you how to systematize your goals for the year so they happen automatically.

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