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The Chicken Challenge

How to Get Yourself to Do the Things You Say You'll Do

Do you find that you don’t get done everything you say you will? The problem is centuries old. There are dozens of reasons for it … sometimes it’s because we overbook ourselves, or we forget, or in the moment we choose immediate rewards over future rewards -- and sometimes we’re just plain chicken. I believe there needs to be more honesty. By that, I mean people keeping their word and commitment. If someone says they’re going to do something, they do it.  

If you want to start doing the things you say you’ll do, if you want to stop chickening out and justifying the reasons why you didn’t do them, there is an easy, fun solution: Join the Chicken Challenge.

This tool will take your responsibility, authenticity, and honesty to the next level. It kind of stinks because it calls you out for not keeping your commitments. Here’s what to do …

Get your chicken - Grab a can of chicken and put it on your desk or dresser.

Have a chicken check - Schedule a weekly meeting to have a chicken check. The key here is to schedule a day/time each week when you’ll have this meeting with yourself.

Check to see if you were chicken or not - During your scheduled meeting time, go over what you said you were going to do throughout the week. This could be for your business, in relationships, with health - whatever it might be you said you were going to do. If you didn't do it, open the can of chicken and let it sit there in your room (stinking like the chicken you are) until you get the things done. Then go get another can of chicken and replace it. You only open it if you don't keep your word. If you kept your word, the can stays there as a reminder.

Go get a can of chicken, put it on your desk and schedule your chicken chat. Post a picture of your can of chicken in our Facebook group to show you're joining the chicken challenge ... and I'll know you've made a commitment to stay in integrity with yourself.

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How to Get Yourself to Do the Things You Say You'll Do