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The deeper meaning

What does enrollment mean to you? For me it means much more than just getting someone into a program or paying money to something. Enrollment for me is something very personal and spiritual. Growing up I didn’t feel very enrolled in my life. I tried to be perfect at all I did but it was really to cover up the conversations that I wish I would have had with my family regarding the confusion and pain I felt inside. Struggling with thoughts of suicide and depression for years as a results of not being enrolled in my own life. I know I am not alone in this.

I share the following not as a “woe is me” story, but as reality that so many of us or our loved ones unconsciously face. Many people have gone through some sort of hurt growing up. I remember visiting a friend of mine who was taking care of 4-year-old and 2-year-old grand kids. As I was visiting they told me that the parents of the children where getting divorced and that they were not taking care of the kids. They hadn’t been bathed in weeks. They continued telling me that the 4-year-old said he was going to run away and take his little brother with him, because it was all his fault. My heart cried out and after this experience I knew that we need to be more enrolled in our lives.

Mine didn’t start when I was 2 or 4, but it had just as devastating an impact on me. When I was 12 my parents went through a divorce. Divorce is not too uncommon these days, but the interpretation we put on it is…and it only got worse after that. My mom divorced 3 more times, and my dad another. As a kid, I interpreted those experiences as “It’s all my fault.” Even worse, I turned against anything that might lead me to fail. I tried to live a perfect life, which ultimately lead me to struggle with addictions and depression for years. I tried talking, but I didn’t know how and I couldn’t so I kept it to myself. I knew something had to change though, because it was affecting all areas of my life.

As I forgave my family and realized how much my parents love me and that it wasn’t my fault, I was able to try to be enrolled in my life again. Learning to communicate what is really going on with my wife Emily Black Watson has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is my inspiration and love. I am forever grateful for her. She has helped me be authentically enrolled in my life in a way that has altered the course of where I am going. Because of her I now serve hundreds of people, and help them be enrolled in their lives so they can create wealth to go on missions and serve their loved ones. They stand for their own transformations and communicate about anything on the planet without hesitation.

So what does enrollment mean for you? If you take a moment to reflect on your life, you may find the answer is deeper than what it may appear. Are you fully enrolled with your loved ones? How about your personal stories? Your business? We all have a gift that is needed here on earth.

The deeper meaning