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Fail Forward Faster

As I was growing my company and experiencing success, I feared failure. Many times, I would do webinars that had success one month and no success the next month. There were times I created six figures in a weekend and times I had no figures in a weekend. Sometimes landed a lot of clients and sometimes I didn't. I adopted a philosophy I call Fail Forward Faster that's all about how we deal with failures.

When something isn't working, most people become victims - they pout, whine, cry, turn in on themselves, and say it's not working. Then they blame. They blame whoever they paid to help them or themselves or people in their family.

If you've got the mindset of being proactive or being a victor instead of a victim, you'll fail forward faster. This means you'll learn from failure quickly the skills, techniques, tools to scale your business with, and how to master your emotions. Then the goal is how fast can I fail? How fast can I get rejected? How fast can I screw this up? Because the faster you do it, the faster you'll refine it, and the faster you'll learn and make the changes necessary so you don't have to fail anymore. That's the key - packing in a lot of failures in a short amount of time.

When I'm teaching or training someone who is struggling, I look at the conversations they're having. Are they having enough conversations and getting enough rejections? If not, they need to go do that. Go talk to more people. Go get rejected. Go experience this more and more. Those who do always, always succeed in scaling their business. It's a phenomenal thing to see.

I invite you to fail forward faster. Pick somewhere in your life where you failed recently. If you truly want to succeed at it, go duplicate it ten times. Break it down and analyze it. What worked? What didn't? Decide to not let it rule you - but become its master. You'll experience some emotions with this process, and you'll have a lot of fun with it because you will learn that it's not about being perfect. We all fail. Successful people fail quickly and learn from it immediately. Unsuccessful people let failures knock them down for days, weeks, even months before they get back up. Then they have to build up momentum. They get one win, then they fail and it knocks them right back down. Choose to pack that into a day. If it doesn't work, move to what’s next.  If it works, great! Celebrate! You'll move through a cycle of what works and doesn't. It becomes a rhythm. It's not about doing it perfectly, it’s about the journey - who are you becoming as you're failing? That is something that only you can decide.

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