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The Foundation for Enrolling Clients

Building a foundation for enrolling clients happens before you actually go talk to potential clients - it's something you need to do pre-game.

When you are setting out to enroll a client, the client needs to have four things happen for them to want to enroll with you (actually there are more but these are the four main ones):

  1. A problem - your client must have a problem that you can solve.
  2. A solution - you must be able to provide a solution to that problem.
  3. Benefits - you need to be able to describe the benefits they will get from having this problem solved by working with you.
  4. Tools - you need to tell them how you’re going to deliver.

For example, with one of the steps in my Impact 2 Income program, we solve the problem, "I don't know my message." The problem is that when people go to network, within the first six seconds of a conversation, the potential client gets turned off. 

The solution from this example is to find your message, refine it, and package it in a way that you can deliver it in less than 60 seconds so people want what you offer.

The benefit to the client (and remember, the benefit is different from the solution) is that they will have ten times the confidence in any networking situation. They will be able to go into a networking situation and skyrocket because of their confidence.

The tools in my program for this problem/solution are the "Precision Statement Formula" and the "Five Steps to Enroll Any Client at a Networking Event".

Now the gaps are bridged and they understand all the pieces - problem, solution, benefit, and the tool. This is the foundation to enrolling a client.  If you don't have this down, you will sabotage yourself from talking to people because if you don't know that you can deliver something, that you can solve a problem, that you can help change a life by providing amazing solutions with amazing benefits, and that you have a tool to do that with, then you're not going to want to talk to people. You’ll end up on the couch chewing up potato chips and watching TV -  filling your time with junk when you could be filling your time impacting other people.

Do you see how powerful this can be? When you know your message and you're able to provide a solution to a problem and a benefit to solving it by using a tool, you have laid the foundation to enrolling clients.

Write down what problems you're solving, the solutions you're providing, the benefits you are giving to people, and the tools or way you are doing this. Then your confidence will increase and you can start enrolling.

This month our focus is on how to effectively enroll high-paying clients. Check out my podcasts for ways to get more clients from the stage, Facebook Live strategies, how to ask for referrals, how unconscious negative experiences stop enrollments, and lots more.