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How to Ask Effective Questions in a Sales Conversation

Success really comes down to asking good questions.

If you’re looking to add clients (and if you’re building a business, that’s always a good idea), you should be having sales conversations – or what I call strategy sessions. In those conversations, you want to talk about 20% of the time and the potential client should talk about 80% of the time. So, what does your 20% consist of? Well, it consists of stories and good questions. That's pretty much it. Stories and really good questions.

Here are some really good questions that will lead you through an effective sales conversation and convert leads into paying clients ...

Set the Stage

  • What inspired you to have this conversation with me? They will elaborate then you can set the ground by stating your intention – ‘My intention for today is to do xyz.’
  • What’s your intention? (If they didn’t answer it with the above question.)
  • What would you like to get out of this conversation for this to be the most productive conversation you’ve had all week? Let them talk! As they are talking, you are listening to understand what they are really looking for.

Now, you should have established the basis of the meeting and you can dive in deeper.


Discover Their Vision

  • What would have to happen in the next three years for you to be able to look back and be completely amazed at the results you have been getting? Or, what would have to happen over the next three years for you to say, ‘Wow! This has been the most incredible journey in ______ (whatever it is that you are coaching them on or teaching them on or that your product delivers)!’

If they struggle to envision three years out, you can guide them to talk about wealth, health, and relationships.

Now you understand what they are looking for and as you dive in further with these next questions, you will understand even more about their vision.

  • What would be the primary focus over the next year?
  • Out of all these things you just shared what's the most important thing to focus on?
  • So if you got/did xyz (whatever they told you), you would be completely fulfilled?


Find the Obstacles

At this point, you can start to find and understand what kind of problems or obstacles they are facing.

  • Considering this vision you just shared with me, what do you feel would slow your progress or keep you from you achieving it? After they answer, repeat it and see if there are others --
  • So you see xyz slowing your progress? Is there anything else? What else? Dive deep. This allows them to open up. If they get hesitant or it's a little scary for them, that's when you can share a story and relate which enables you to have a genuine conversation with them.


Seek for Solutions

Now that you’ve uncovered some problems, you can start asking for solutions. Assume that if they have a problem, they want to solve it.

  • So, you have this vision and you see that these problems could stop you. What are you doing right now to solve these xyz problems (whatever they just mentioned)? Let them talk and listen.
  •  Great. And how is that working for you? Are you getting the results you are looking for?
  •  What else do you need help with?
  •  What do you see that if you could master it would help you get where you want to be faster?

Really dive in and see what they are looking for. This process gets you to where they are ready to commit.

  •  Now that we know you are looking for things, are you also looking for opportunities, greater opportunities to scale this faster?


Rate Their Commitment

You need to know how important this is for them.

  • So, on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most important and 0 being not at all, how important is it for you to be able to achieve these goals that you just mentioned (repeat back to them what their goals were) and solve these problems (repeat what problems they cited)?

If they are not at a 10, you need to ask some more questions to find out what they are really focused on. If they are not going to focus on what you can help them with then they are probably not a good fit.

  •  If getting the vision and solving these problems is not a top priority, if it’s not 10/10, what in your life right now is the top priority?

If they are at a 10, then it is a top priority for them and you can help guide them by sharing opportunities and talking finances. These questions will help you see where they are financially and you can share your package or blueprint with them. (If you’ve been through one of my programs, you know what that means. If that is foreign to you, then get plugged in with us so you can learn about packaging and blueprints and move forward from there.


Talk Opportunities & Finances

  •  Is it okay if I share some packages/opportunities for you to take a look at and if they are fit, we will talk finances and get you plugged in? Or,
  •  Just curious, based off of this, I have some ideas of what may help; however, I want to understand your financial situation. How much money do you have set apart to be able to invest in this/solve this problem and attain this goal that you just mentioned (repeat goal back to them)? Let them share.
  •  Do you have a 401(K)? Do you have any credit? Do you have anything else you want to invest in this?
  •  Would you like to sign up for this?
  •  Would you like to do credit or cash (whatever options you have available)?

And that, my friends, is a bunch of really good questions that create the flow of a strategy session or sales conversation. If you rock at that, you will do wonders because you will only talk 20% of the time and you will listen the other 80% of the time to what the person in front of you is saying. You will understand them and what they need, and you can serve them at the highest level possible.

If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for a strategy session at – experience the process for yourself and find out how we can help you master it and scale your business.

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