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How To Easily Talk Finances in the Sales Conversation

When you’re enrolling clients, your goal should be to genuinely form lasting relationships and serve people at the highest level. To meet this goal, you have got to talk finances with potential clients in your sales meeting.

When I was learning how to enroll high-paying clients, the biggest mistake I made was avoiding the financial conversation. It felt awkward, and I thought it was rude so I always hesitated. My results were clients who didn't pay, backed out, and who I had to follow up with all the time. As soon as you get the financial conversation down, none of that happens anymore. Your clients are wonderful to work with because you know the level they are on and you serve them at that level.

What is the financial conversation and why does it matter?

Our last blog post was about asking good questions, which is the basis of a strategy session or sales conversation - read it here. As you ask good questions, you qualify your clients and will get to the point where you are ready to talk about their financial situation. Talking finances is integral because you need to know that they are there for the right reason.

It is also an important coaching and mentoring process - regardless of what you enroll people in or sell. Everything has to do with money. If you are really going to make a difference in their life, the financial conversation gives you valuable insight into how they respond to money - are they an avoider, spender, negative, positive, etc.

How to make the financial conversation easy

Start early

Don’t beat around the bush! Start by telling them early on in the conversation that if something resonates with them and you see a way you can help them achieve their goals that you’ll talk finances and packages and get them plugged into something that will serve them. Have them agree with that. (If they’re not in agreement then why are you talking?) This way, when it comes time for money talk, you don’t seem intrusive.

Get into position

Once you get to the point of conversation where you understand their vision, know their obstacles, and what they are trying to solve, it’s time. I like to say something like, ‘In order to serve you at the highest possible level, I would love to talk about your financial situation. We have packages ranging from a couple of hundred bucks up to 65 grand. Based on your vision, I have an idea of where you need to play in order to get what you want in three years or less; however, it's going to be very dependent upon your financial situation. We do finance people if you have good credit. Don't let the money stop you if it resonates with you and it's something you’re really passionate about. We will make it work. If you don't have good credit then I have some ways of helping you build your credit up for a longer-term situation and then we could get you started in one of the lower tiers.’

Dive in

Then I dive into what their financial situation is. You want to understand the numbers so you can see what works. Basically, you just ask them about how much money they have. Here are some great questions to ask:

  • How much money do you have set aside to invest in growing your company or doing XYZ? They may have a lot - they may have nothing.
  • Do you have any 401(K) savings?
  • Do you have any cards?
  • Do you have any thing that you are willing to do to invest in this --  because you know if you truly want to make a difference you are going to have to make an investment?

If they give vague responses, like that they have a little saved but don't specify an amount, continue the conversation and get specific. Ask how much is a little bit - $100 or $10,000? I like to explain that it’s important to know because many times in life we’re not specific in an effort to avoid reality, and as you work with me we are going to face a lot of reality. So, if it's hard for you to talk about finances let's get over it. Let's get to where it’s easy to talk about. Let's get it to where you can rock and love talking about your financial situation.

For a lot of people, this is awkward and weird. Keep in mind the only reason it's awkward is that you either have limiting beliefs around money or you just haven't practiced it enough.

Whatever it is you're doing, you should be doing it to provide a life-changing experience for others. So, do them a favor, do yourself a favor ... have the financial conversation with people.

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