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How to Enroll 40 New Clients in 7 Days

A lot of people tell me they want to market online, get Facebook ads, do joint ventures, etc. When I ask why they say to get some paying clients. Then I ask how many clients they've worked with. I find that most people who are seeking clients through those methods do not have a big client foundation. They think the solution is some ideal where they establish an online presence or participate in a joint venture or whatever and people suddenly flock to them. The problem with that philosophy is that while all of those avenues of marketing are great and we teach clients how to do them, that is not where you start. If you start there without first setting the foundation, you will miss out on opportunities and growth.

So what is the foundation you need to start with?

It's being able to go through your contacts, call them up, and have what I call a pre-strategy session. Why do so many avoid picking up the phone and calling people? It’s because we’re worried about ourselves instead of focusing on serving others and helping them with their needs.

Every single person knows about 250-500 people well enough that they have their contact information. Imagine this: The people you have on your list - family, friends, coworkers, people you've met over the years - you call them genuinely excited and passionate about what you want to share, full of energy, and you communicate effectively so they can see where they're stuck, and you go through the enrollment conversation with them. That conversation becomes service-based. You truly see the person for who they are and what they need help with. As you start to fulfill those needs, they see you as an asset. Then, when they thank you for sharing whatever it is you shared with them, you can ask for referrals.

But don't just ask for a referral. It should go something like this: Since you loved xyz (whatever you shared with them) so much, can I ask a quick favor? I'm looking for _______. You need to be very specific about who you're looking for! For example, 'I'm looking for a speaker who is super passionate about what they do and who wants to scale their business to seven figures. Someone who is a hard worker, who's already getting results and is looking to take their business to the next level. Who do you know who is always sharing their message on Facebook or always looking for speaking engagements?' Notice the wording. Make it work for your niche.

Call up 40 people right now from your list, talk to them and go through a pre-strategy session. A pre-strategy session is an authentic conversation where you call them and catch up a bit, tell them you wanted to reach out and reconnect - be genuine! Through the conversation, you follow the thread which means you ask, listen, and repeat. Ask-listen-repeat. You ask them a question, listen to them, repeat back what you heard, and follow up with a question. After you do that two or three times, then you relate by sharing a story. You're looking for a pain point or somewhere you can serve them.

Once you find that, then you can tell them you're passionate about solving xyz (whatever they mentioned as their problem or pain point), and that what you have has been a blessing in your life and others' lives. Tell them you'd love to sit down and chat with them in a different conversation about how to solve that. Ask them on a scale of 0-10 how much of a priority it is for them to solve xyz? Based on that rating, you can lead them to a strategy session. You want to tell them what to expect in the strategy session. For example, 'we'll sit back and go over xyz ( the issue they just talked about) and at the end, I'll share with you a couple opportunities to work with me long term. If it's a fit, we'll get you plugged in. I can share some different financial options and if it's not a fit, at least I can help you with xyz. How does that sound?' Then you schedule it.

You could contact 40 people right now and create a six-figure business just off that philosophy - with $0 on marketing. $0! Guess how I know that? Because I did it. I spent $0 on marketing. People think they have to have the website and the card. Nope. You need to have a voice and a passion about what you do and you need to communicate with people and care about them! Go through the pre-strategy and strategy sessions. When you do this with authenticity, you will change lives.

Go try this. If you want to enroll clients, start with your group. I’m sharing other ways to enroll clients in my next few podcasts, but you have to start here. If you can't face the fear of talking to people and getting them enrolled in their own vision of their own purpose, then you will never achieve it. If you need additional training, reach out to us and let us know what we can do to help you through these conversations.

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