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How to Rock at Getting Referrals

There was a strategy I used in the first growth stage of my career - before online marketing or Facebook traffic or anything else - that was key to the achievement of my first six figures …


I’ve since taught this referral strategy to my clients. One in particular increased his results 40x by using the steps I’m going to teach you here. If you’re looking to scale your business, you need to implement this! What you say - and don’t say - can make all the difference between someone actually handing you a referral or them getting wishy-washy and you walking away empty handed.

Ready to learn how to rock at asking for referrals?

Follow these four steps and you'll be on your way:

1. Be Specific 

For example, if I am asking a referral, I am going to specifically ask for people who are in my niche market. I may say something like, “Who do you know who is a speaker, coach, networker, or chiropractor?” Now, if you lay out a list like that, some people’s brains will kind of turn off. It can help to pick just one niche you’re looking for and ask for that. “Who’s a chiropractor that you know?”

2. Trigger It

This gives them a chance to come up with someone who is more likely to be what you're looking for. For example, let's say I pick chiropractors. I might say, "Hey, who do you know who is a chiropractor?" They will share with me and then I ask, "This chiropractor, is he/she someone who always works with people one-on-one? Is he one who likes to teach you while he's doing the chiropractic care? Is he super busy all the time with a packed schedule?" Questions like that help trigger their mind to think about who it is they are going to provide for me.

3. Share What’s In It For Them

This clarifies intentions and increases motivation by helping people understand what you can do for them and the person they are referring.

Make sure you take care of the people who are giving you referrals. Some ideas are commissions if the referral signs up with you or an invite to an event. Just be sure you give back to people who give you referrals and let them know how you’re going to do that. For example, "Hey, just as a thank you, if this person decides to sign up with me, I am going to give you 5%/10%/15% commission."

You should also let them know what you can do for the person they are referring. Using the chiropractor example, it may sound like this, "So this super busy chiropractor you're thinking of, basically what I can do is share with him some different strategies to help him create high-end events and instead of working like a slave every day and not being able to take a break, he can do one event, monetize it, and then create a system on the backend that will generate six to seven figures with minimal amount of his time - and he would still be able to give massive results to the people he's serving.” Now they know that I am going to deliver a lot of good stuff to the person whose name they are giving me.

4. Clarify Delivery of the Referral

You should both understand how they are going to deliver the referral to you. Often people don’t give referrals because they are not sure how to, so you need to walk them through it. Suggest a three-way text, email, Facebook message, or call. Here’s an example: "Hey, so do you have their phone number or their email? Maybe let's do a three-way text."

The second piece of this is that you tell them what to say. So if I was talking to Joe, and he was giving me a referral to this chiropractor named John, I would say, "Okay, so Joe in the three-way text, just say 'Hey, John, I wanted to connect you with Tyler. Tyler is phenomenal at helping chiropractors create six to seven-figure weekends and systems so that they can live their ideal lifestyle.'" Something short and simple that tells about the result they will get. Then explain that after the initial contact is made, you’ll take it from there. Then you reply and start communication just with the referral.

This system rocks! It has served me and my clients well. Go try it and share your results.

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