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I Can't Afford That

This week I was on vacation with family and through some of our interactions, it really hit me how mindsets, language, and thoughts affect us. We all have limiting beliefs that we don't even realize are limiting. These beliefs are often very logical, yet they define who we are, what we think, and how we create.

One of the phrases people use a lot is, ‘I can't afford that.’ It’s one of the most destructive phrases. Now, many use it with good intention. They use it when they're saving money and not going to spend it - but they say, oh, we can't afford that let's do this instead. The trouble is even that little statement and the way it's phrased is unempowering. Instead, shift your mindset from ‘I can’t afford it’ to ‘How can I afford it quickly?’.

I was talking to someone recently who was not taking time out for or investing in their health. They said they couldn't afford it right now. I realize that in certain situations it may seem that way. However, if something is important enough to someone there is always a way to afford it - always. It may involve taking out a loan, creating the money, selling something differently, or changing systems and strategies but there is always a way to afford something.

If you truly value something enough do not say I can’t afford it. Do not ever allow your language about money to dictate what you can or cannot do. It's either a priority or it's not. If it is a priority and you don't have the funds available, then say that - I just haven't set aside the funds for that yet or I really need to prioritize that and that's something I'm working on creating or right now we haven't saved up enough for it but we're working on building it -- something like that. Don't opt out by using a lie and making money the excuse. Money is never the excuse. It is always us as the individual.

When you say I can't afford it, you're programming your subconscious when something comes up that you want or need to opt out by saying you can't afford it. That is not an empowering belief system.

From now on, say I can afford that. What can I do to create that? How can I create this ten times faster than before? Step into a creation mode instead of a problem and victim mode. From now on, you can afford anything you desire. It is up to you.

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