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Money Mindset Debunked

Expand Your Mindset

I used to have a limiting belief that there was only one way to make money – a job or a career or a business. I never thought about creating multiple streams of income. If you want to expand your money mindset, here’s a great exercise: Make a list of 15-30 ways you can make money. They can be big or little, just list everything you can think of. This expands your mindset and opens you to new possibilities. It brings peace of mind and teaches you to have complete freedom so that if something changes in your life you're not stuck in just one way of creating income. True freedom is having multiple streams of income and ways to create wealth.

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Expand your money mindset. What are 15 ways you can make money? #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Thursday, March 16, 2017


Here are a few ideas of ways people can make money:

  • Teaching others something you're good at. There is a multitude of ways to do this. Offer coaching services. Host a webinar. Teach an online class. Set up a year-long mastermind group. Invite people to come to a 2-hour presentation. Record and sell a CD. Start a podcast or blog.
  • Find an area someone is struggling with and help them overcome it. For example, someone is struggling with depression and you have a way to help them.
  • Sell a service you're good at. Mow lawns. Clean homes. Babysit.
  • Sell accessory items for something you teach or serve with. For me, I could sell dowsing pendulums.
  • Learn a new skill and market it. Real estate. Healing arts. Choose something that interests you.

After you've created your list of 15-30 ways you could create income, you're ready for the next step. Answer this question: If you had infinite ways to create income and you had all the resources you needed to make them work, which one would you pick because you loved it so much? Whichever one you pick, that is one to strive for and master. I believe if you live your passion and get paid for it, it will bring joy to you, your family, and everyone around you. Think about it … if everyone shared their expertise and gifts, everyone would be happier and more fulfilled.

Go through this process as you work on taking your message to the masses and creating income. Comment below and share your ideas of how you can make money. 


Mindset Debunked

Sometimes we think that in order to create money, we have to master the money mindset first. Want to know how to create money faster when your mindset isn’t quite there yet?

Have the skill set.

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Money mindset debunked #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Yes, mindset is important, but it’s just as important to have the skills necessary to create wealth. So many people think and wish and attract but then their actions don’t line up with what creates wealth. Money mindset is your thinking and feeling around money. Money skill set is the action(s) you take to create income. You need both to get results.

Say for example you’re not getting as many enrollments as you’d like. You’ve been working on your thoughts and feelings around getting new clients but you haven’t gotten the results. I see this a lot with clients I work with. If we trace back the enrollment conversations, we find there were few if any. If you only have one conversation with one person each week, the likelihood of creating wealth is very low. However, if you start talking to 10-20 people a week, your ratio goes up because your skill set has increased. The number of people and influence you have has gone up. This is the key to success. It comes down to numbers. If you want to create a successful business, you need to track numbers - contacts, pre-strategy sessions, strategy sessions, enrollments, people who aren't interested, follow-ups - all of these things so you can gauge what is working and what is not working.

Tracking numbers helps you put intelligent systems in place so you can do what works. You can't just sit down and think it and hope it comes. Your thinking will lead you to change. It may lead you to change careers, get a side job, or take some specific action that will then bring in the money. That is the key.

When I first started to do this, I worked on my mindset a lot. I had the impression that I needed to quit my job. It scared me and caused a lot of fear and doubt inside me. However, because I knew that I wanted to raise my mindset and be in tune with the inspiration I was getting, I decided to act on it. As I left my job, career, and school, oh my goodness, talk about test after test after test. I thought that I wasn't doing it right but I realized I didn't have the system in place. I didn't have the numbers to back up the mindset. Once I implemented both - putting in the numbers of contacts, pre-strategy sessions, strategy sessions, and gauging like a business should - my numbers skyrocketed.

Here’s an example, let's say you talk to 40 people in a week and have an introductory conversation (or what I call a pre-strategy session). Out of those 40, you learn that 10 of them want to talk to you more about what you're doing. So you know that if you have pre-strategy sessions with 40 people, 10 will want to talk to you about your product or service. Your ratio is: Talk to 40 and get 10. You then sit down with those 10 people in a strategy session (which is a conversation about their vision, obstacles, commitment, and helping them get plugged in). As soon as you walk them through that process, 4 enroll with you for your product or service. Now you know you're at about 10% - so talk to 40 and you'll enroll 4 of them. Most people don't put in enough numbers to know what they can do. They give up on themselves and process eternally - working and working and working on their mindset. When it really comes down to a faulty philosophy - lack of numbers.

If you're growing a business you must track numbers so you can implement structure and systems that drive results. And here’s the cool part - the moment you implement those structure and systems and they start to work, the less mindset you have to work on. Keep working on your mindset but also track your numbers to create an intelligent system that allows you to duplicate your business 10x over.