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Money's Real Meaning

This month our theme has been money - and it’s something I love talking about. One of our focuses is teaching people how to make income. In order to create more money, you have to know what the foundation of money is. When I ask clients what money is, people say all sorts of things like - money is energy, a mode of communication, an exchange, evil, good - the answers are all over the place from one extreme to the other. By understanding what money really is you can create more of it if you choose to. Some people choose not to and that's great. It's not good or bad to have money. Zig Ziglar says something like, ‘money isn't everything but it's kind of like oxygen and it sure makes it easier to breathe.’ I think that's true. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you can master the definition of money, you can breathe fine with or without it. That's when you can choose to have more if you desire to.

So, what is money? Think about your definition of money. What thoughts and emotions come up around money for you? Are they good? Do you think money is abundant? Is abundance something that happens naturally for you? Does money feel like a struggle? Are you angry at money? Are you happy with money? Is it your friend? Is it just a piece of paper? Is it just a number in a bank? What is money?

Here's my definition: Money is a means of forming memories and impacting lives. That's it. That's my definition of money. I can go into other definitions based on Einstein's law but when it comes right down to it when I think of money, I think of forming memories and making an impact. It’s not negative or positive. It’s simply that the more money I have, the more memories I can create with my loved ones and the more impact I can make on those around me. Impact to me represents service.

If you have a negative feeling in your gut when you think about money, then no matter what you say your definition of money is, that is not actually your definition. Most people define money as representing life. Here’s what I mean by that ... before money even existed, we traded potatoes for carrots and carrots for water and flour - we had an exchange for food and shelter. So, subconsciously, most people define money as representing their life source. That's the problem. People get frustrated when they have to pay for something or do something that involves money because it's actually as if they are giving part of their life source away. No wonder people struggle to make money. If money represents our life source, then there are going to be some major blocks there.

The first year I was married, I made $12,000 the WHOLE YEAR. The next year I made over $150,000, then a quarter million and on to half a million within two years. Something had to have shifted. From what I've seen and learned as I’ve worked with my students, it was shifting my mindset from a lifetime of struggle with money to money meaning the ability to create amazing memories and powerful impact. It comes down to how you define money and where you put your trust.

Some of you may not be spiritual and that's OK. I ask you to keep an open mind as I share these next thoughts. Whether you believe in the Universe or God or whatever - I use the term Higher Power to explain how I learned to think differently about money and how to not be a victim to it - how to not struggle with it all the stinkin' time.

It really started when I was at an event. This was when I was making $12,000 the whole year so I didn't have a lot saved up. I had just gotten married. I knew I wanted to be a speaker and coach but I didn't know how to go about it. It felt like struggle after struggle after struggle. So, here I was at this event learning how to think differently and be my best self. The presenter made an offer for $5400. The thought came to my mind that I needed this program. I had $1600 in my bank account. I had no income because I had quit my job and was trying to be an entrepreneur. I had no credit cards, no credit - nothing. My car was worth less than $3000. My money mindset was pushed to the extreme as I thought about how I couldn’t afford something that was $5400 when I had nothing.

In that moment, I had two thoughts. The first was from my own brain and it started a dialogue that went like this: ‘You can do this some other time when you have enough. You don't have enough. There's no way. You can't afford this. You don't have the money.’ By this time, I had learned enough about negative thoughts to want to shift that to thinking, ‘I have enough. How can I create this?’

I started trying to figure it out and as soon as I did, there was another voice. In my belief system, this was my Higher Power. It wasn't in my mind but it was a penetrating feeling and it turned into a dialogue starting with, ‘Who are you going to serve - money or me?’ I laughed for a second. I was trying to make this decision and of course I want to serve my Higher Power and live my mission. The voice came again, ‘Who are you going to serve - money or me?’ I didn't quite get what was going on but the dialogue continued. ‘If you choose to do this when you have enough, you will never have enough.’

I started to think about this and realized that my whole life I had been serving money - because any choice that came, I never asked if this was the right thing to do, or if it was in accordance with my Higher Power, I always asked if I could afford it. Do I have enough? If I did, I would make the choice. My whole life I thought I was serving my Higher Power but in that moment it was like a slap to my face. ‘Tyler Watson, if you aren't doing what I am leading you to do because you don't have enough and you won't figure it out and create it, and you won't trust me enough to help you come up with it because I told you it's what needs to happen ... then you are a slave to money, and you love money more than me.’

In that moment, it hit me so hard that my entire life I had been serving money. So, I made a choice right then and there. Never again will I be a slave to money. I knew that my Higher Power wanted me to do this. I knew it was my destiny to speak and coach and change people's lives and I needed to get into this program. I didn't have the funds but I knew as a creator if I put my trust in my Higher Power I could manifest anything. If Moses could move a huge ocean, I surely should be able to come up with $5000.

I started to apply faith instead of fear - and instead of being a victim to money, I started to seek opportunity. I called people up and I found a way to finance my career. Experiences like this continued, and choice after choice this happened over and over and over. Sometimes you may wonder how many times you have to pass the test. But the test is - who are you going to serve? Who are you going to allow to be your source of food and shelter? Is it your Higher Power or are you going to let money be the source?

As you learn to trust in your Higher Power or Universe or whatever you call it, miracles begin to happen. I promise you as you start to dive into this and wake up from the cold reality that it's not the people who have money who are victims of money, it’s those who don’t - those who are trying to pursue wealth because they act out of fear and slavery and victimhood to money. No longer be a victim to money. Choose to serve your Higher Power. Choose to serve your Universe, your higher cause, whatever it might be so that all your choices - all the decisions you make - are made out of that. And you will succeed in making an impact.

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