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Passion, Vision, and Message:

Get Clear on the 3 Foundations of Your Business

As you are sharing your message and trying to make an impact, being crystal clear on your passion, vision, and message is critical for success – both yours and your client’s. Ambiguity in any of these areas causes confusion, doubt, lack of action, and lack of results. If you're ready to get clear - and I mean crystal clear - read on...

Passion –

Entrepreneurs often ask how to find their passion. Well, passion isn’t something you find – it’s something you create.

Some have resistance around passion. When that happens, it’s because of one of two things: One, they are afraid of getting hurt and two, they are afraid of hurting someone else. That’s it – it’s one of those two things. There are a lot of negative emotions, like anger, that can be misinterpreted as passion. Past experiences with these distorted emotions often shy people away from true passion.

The solution to creating passion is simple – so simple many miss it. Go out and be passionate about something. Pick a cause and go be passionate about it. For the first bit, it might feel fake. If it does, it may be because you’ve been in zombie mode. Start moving and speaking with passion. Choose something to focus on passionately. Passion begets passion. New emotions will start to manifest within you. New ideas will generate. You will attract new things in your life – good things. As you continue, you will adjust and find what it is you truly love that resonates with your story, who you are, and your journey of life.

Having a clear vision to focus on is great because everything you do is for a purpose. You waste less time and are less likely to find yourself in victim mode.

Vision –

Here’s a process to help you understand what you really want:

Step 1: Clear your mind. Now, ask yourself, what do I want? Allow the answer to come quickly and easily. Jot it down or speak it out loud. Do it again. Breathe for a moment. Clear your mind. Ask yourself, what do I want right now? Allow that answer to come. As you get the answer, jot it down or speak it out loud again. Again - take a moment, clear your mind, and ask, what do I really want? Receive the answer. One more time … ask, what do I want?” And get that answer.

Step 2: This may be a little more difficult for some but allow yourself to go here. Ask yourself this … if I could remove all judgment and expectations put upon me by others or myself, what do I want?” Allow the answer to come. Continue to tune in and repeat this process. Ask, what do I want? What do I really want? What is that I want right now? If I had all these things filled, what do I want? What do I want? What do I want? This process of asking yourself over and over and over and getting different answers will allow you to tap into what you really want to create and the vision you want to have. You will get rid of all the little things that need to happen, the breaks you need to take, the pain you need to relieve, the food you have to eat, and you will start to see a bigger picture of things that you really want in life.

Then, as you start to get clear on your vision, delve into different categories like relationships, business, health, and whatever it is you desire. What do I want?

Once you have your vision, determine what obstacles will keep you from it and what skill sets and mindsets you need to master in order to live it.

Message – 

You absolutely must know what specific problems you solve, how you solve them, and the benefit your clients get from that.

When you are crystal clear on this, suddenly people start to listen to you because your language is based on their needs and desires. You don’t need a certificate or ten years of study to be seen as an expert. You articulate clearly and passionately. People who speak with clarity have authority. It’s those who are wishy-washy and say things like, I’m not sure, maybe it’s this, I’m creating it, it’s in the process that generate confusion. When people are confused, they don’t take action.

To get clear on your message, get present and ask these questions:

  • What do I solve?
  • What problems can I solve?
  • How do I serve the community?
  • What tools am I using?
  • What is that I am really providing?
  • How do my clients lives change/improve?

No one can tell you what your message is. There is no such thing as tada – this is it! Your message and how you help people is based on your life experiences, your passion, your stories. That is what you package and teach. When you can do that and do it with passion, people resonate with you and purchase from you because you are real.

Take the time to create your passion, discover your vision, and craft your message - and achieve clarity with each - and you will step into action, results, and success.

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Get Clear on the 3 Foundations of Your Business