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Power Up Your Story Consistently

We are the authors of our own lives.  Are you actively creating your ideal life story or do you often feel overwhelmed, misled, or confused?

Do You Have a Story?

Today, I am going to share with you something that my wife and I just did yesterday. -We actually have done this process over the years multiple times- This is something you need to tweak and constantly upgrade. It’s about recording and listening to your story.

Right now we are working on multiple things:

  1. book-419589_640.jpgCreating our ideal house. For this, we created a 10-minute story on our ideal house.

  2. Creating our ideal life & business story.

  3. A story about our upcoming events.

For us, this was as simple as grabbing our phone and simply recording ourselves speaking about the story.  I highly suggest doing this with your spouse or business partner, because when two minds are gathered, magic happens!

How Is This Going to Help Me Anyway?

If you have something that you want to achieve faster, then you need to speak your story and listen to it constantly. Often when you are not doing anything super productive, that's when you want to listen to your story. (No need to mention the importance of listening to your story right before you go to bed and right before you wake up).

I can feel you asking yourself why would you ever want to speak your story and listen to it, right?

Here's why: If you want to get your goals 10 times faster, do this! If you want to have more passion and more clarity, do this! If you want to feel purpose driven, do this!

What this does is by recording your story with passion and listening to it over and over, you are retraining your subconscious for the new truth that you desire to have in your life. Recording your story reminds your subconscious of why you do what you do and who you are becoming.  

Now This Seems Simple, Right?

How simple is this process? Very simple right? Well, that's the problem. Because if it's simple to do, it's simple not to do! And that's the problem with people today. But remember that you have the ability to make your choice and commit to doing this if you really want to get big results.

All That You Have to Do is to PAINT Your Story

In brief, when you start recording your story make sure to talk about your feelings, to talk about the experience and to talk about the wanted results. Please make sure to paint your story with the best colors!

Basically, this process works with any type of projects and goals. It's proven and it's worked for thousands of people and now it's your time to put it to the test.

The key to success is getting crystal clear on what you want, articulating it and then listening to it over and over until it feels so real.

Important: make sure when recording to avoid negative phrases, anything you don't want, don't mention it and just focus on the brightest part of the story. Be sure that your recording is 100% positive driven.

In conclusion, get clear on your story, record it and listen to it daily!  Train your brain to attain the dream.