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Powerful Goalsetting & Epic Achievement - Part I

2017 is going to be amazing! I am ALL IN this year! Are you? Hopefully you’ve set some powerful goals for what you want to create this year. Want to know how you can increase your chance of success with your goals? Keep reading …

You need balance in your life – and your goals should reflect that. Make sure you set goals in at least these five categories:

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#ImpactLeaders 5 categories to set fulfilling goals.

Posted by Tyler Watson on Monday, January 2, 2017

1. Personal Fitness.
You need some physical goals. If you're not taking care of your body, how can you achieve your other goals? So, a physical goal or Personal Fitness is the first category. This could be working out or deciding what kinds of foods you will eat. Whatever it might be for you - be sure to set some goals for your personal and physical fitness.

2. Spouse.
If you're married, you need a specific category for your spouse. This is not just a relationship category but a specific category about your relationship with your spouse. How are you going to interact? How are you going to show up? What presence are you going to bring to this relationship? Set some goals here and it will make your whole life more fulfilling and passionate.

3. Spiritual.
Whatever you believe as far as a Higher Power goes - if you attend a church service, or worship, or meditate, or whatever your spirituality looks like - set a solid goal to take it to the next level. Go beyond your spirituality last year. As you do this, all other areas of your life will be richer and more fulfilling.

4. Financial.
Set goals that expand your financial growth. Whatever you did last year, think of a goal that's going to blow it out of the water - something that will stretch you, push you, and drive you to become someone better. Don’t settle for realistic - something you know you can get if you put some effort into it. Instead, set a goal that if you achieve it, you'll look back and be amazed. Maybe it's a new job or a new passion - something that you can't do in the circumstances you're in right now. This will help you step out of your circumstance to create what you want.

5. Education.
Set a goal to read books, take courses and classes, to get experience - things that will change your brain, your mind, and the way you think.

After you’ve set goals in at least these categories, break down your goals. If you've ever had trouble defining a goal or getting more specific with it, this is for you. Here are simple ways to break down a goal into four key areas:

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4 Powerful Ways To Break Down Your Goals #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1. Do.
This is something you are going to do to help you get the goal. Let’s consider, for example, a financial goal. Say you want to create $5000. A “do” goal in the financial area might be something like - to obtain this $5000, I am going to go do this training or take this course. What is it you need to do to get your goal?

2. Have.
This is what you want to have. If we’re talking about the example from above, it may be the goal itself - I want to have $5000. To empower this further and reach your goal faster, switch it to an emotional meaning. To do this, relate the goal to an emotion you want to have while you’re in the process of achieving - I want to have incredible joy while going for this goal. If you can acquire the emotion before the actual goal, the goal itself will be easier to obtain and is 10x more likely to be achieved.

3. Become.
Who do you need to become as it relates to this goal? Let's use the financial goal again. If you want $5000 a month, you need to become someone who lives like they are creating $5000 a month. The first time I did this, I set my goal for $20,000 a month, and that's when I was making less than $5000 monthly. I had to decide who I needed to become - how a person creating that much money every month would act, think, and feel. This is critical if you're not getting your goals. If you keep setting a goal and falling short, it means you haven't become capable of receiving it. Think about what characteristic, trait, or quality you lack that you need to gain to have this goal.

4. Achieve.
This is like the Have area; however, having is more emotionally based and achieving is more logically based. This area is deciding what you want to achieve on a logical level.

Next, give your goal momentum. When you apply this next principle, you’ll get your goals 10x faster because you won’t get stuck.

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Goal Momentum #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Let's say you set a goal today that you're going to exercise every day. There's a time between when you set the goal and when you take your first step with that goal. The longer it takes for you implement that first step, the more likely it is that you're not going to achieve your goal. Too often, people set a goal and think they’ll get to it or start it next week. By putting it off, even just by a day or an hour, your brain goes into sleep mode.

I work a lot with people who are getting enrollments and new clients. This is a huge problem I see - people set a goal to create $10,000 this month. We talk about how many clients they need to enroll at a certain investment - say it's five clients at $2000. Then you break it down to the time that they're going to go talk to a client about the concept of having a conversation with them - that's the first step - and then they put it off. They think they can start tomorrow or next week. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months. They start feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and like it's just not working. Anytime a client tells me that they feel that way and I ask them when they put the first step toward their goal into action, without hesitation it's been put off too long. Don't allow your brain to opt out of your goals. As soon as you set a goal, go do the first thing it takes. Every goal starts with a first step. Act now. The longer you wait, the less of a result you'll get.

Now, you have your goals set, broken down, and some momentum going, make sure you avoid the death trap! One of the biggest challenges I see people face is when they get so caught up in going for a goal that they miss the whole point of what they’re trying to achieve. This is literally a trap - a death trap.

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The Death Trap Most People Fall Into When Going For a GOAL. #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Here’s an example - someone sets a goal to create a certain amount of money so they can have time freedom with their family, but in pursuing the goal they don't spend any time with their family, and they miss out the very thing that they're working for. They spend year after year striving for a goal to get them a result that they're not even applying right now. If you have a money goal or something that you're working towards to create a lifestyle, try living the lifestyle right now. I don't care who you are, how much money is in your bank account, or what kind of time you have, you can live your ideal lifestyle right now.

Set positive goals that inspire you and have reasons for them. Have a purpose and allow yourself to start living that purpose now - not when the goal is accomplished, but now. Use the precious time you're given today to do what you want. I promise as you do new opportunities are going to come to you. As you align your lifestyle with the vision that you desire everything will be able to manifest. Be sure as you're going for your goal that you live your ideal lifestyle today - not when the goal is accomplished but right now.

In line with this principle, now you must fortify your vision with faith. Consider this scripture, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” – Mark 11:24.

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Goal Mastery.. Can You Find The Missing Key Word? Mark 11: 24. What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Friday, January 6, 2017

Many have studied scriptures like this and feel like they are moving forward in faith, believing they shall receive. There is an interesting distinction in this verse – it almost seems there is a missing word. Often, we read or interpret this verse as though it says, “believe that ye shall receive them” - but the word “shall” is not there. The verse says, “believe that ye receive them.” This means that when you pray, you must believe that you already have that which you desire, and then you shall have it.

How many times in our lives do we have something that we want, and it's just a want - it's in the future? The action of faith must be applied to goals. If we don't believe that we have what we're looking for right now, then it's just a wish. In contrast, if you have so much faith, passion, and devotion that you know the goal you're going for has already manifested then the promise comes that ye shall have it. Master this principle and you’ll master your goals!

If you’re ready to finally start achieving your powerful goals, apply these techniques and you will reach those goals 10x faster - and experience more joy in along the way.