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Powerful Goalsetting & Epic Achievement - Part II

High Confront = Quick Success

One key to achieving your goals is what I call a high confront.

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High Confront=Quick Success #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Monday, January 9, 2017


Too often people set a goal and feel like they’re working towards it yet can’t seem to achieve and feel frustrated. Often, this is because we set a goal and dive right in instead of strategically breaking the goal down into specific steps or systems up front.

In this post, you’ll learn a powerful technique to generate goal achievement. No matter what you go through or what kind of emotional state you're in, if you will break down the goal in this way, you will achieve it because it produces a high level of confrontation.

There are usually areas around some part of a goal where we experience confusion. Sometimes this confusion is recognizable at conception of the goal. It may even be what instigates the goal. Sometimes confusion arises during the process of working towards the goal. Regardless of when it shows up, it’s there. When we experience confusion, the tendency is to skip over that area. If any area of your goal doesn’t make sense and you pass over it then attempt to continue forward, you will remain in a place of confusion and be unable to achieve.

For example, I have a funnel that I put online. I want to drive traffic to it so that more people can join our programs. In creating the funnel, if I don’t understand all the aspects of what creates a successful funnel, confusion ensues. If I don't address those areas of confusion by breaking them down and studying every aspect of what I'm creating, I leave myself in a state of confusion - a state of nonconfrontation. When I move forward with the funnel and it doesn't get results, I naturally want to blame something outside of myself.

If you have a goal you’re not achieving, you must get present on what it is you’re focusing on, analyze what part of you is avoiding this, and go deeper. Allow yourself to go there without judgment, fear, or hesitation. Confront it and break it down into steps, into the base structure you would understand. You must figure out that piece. I promise as you do this you will learn, gain complete understanding, and know how to duplicate it.

What is it that you're ready to rock, to break free from, to get some success in? As you recognize that and then exercise a high level of confrontation, you'll generate phenomenal results.


Creation Hack … A Simple Way to Create Anything!

Here’s a simple hack you can do to create pretty much anything in your life. There are some very simple steps to creation but if you miss them, it makes the process a lot more complicated.

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Creation Hack...simple way to create anything! #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Below are four steps to really organize what you're doing. By the time you finish these steps, you will know exactly what it is you're going to create. I use this system to create anything from fliers and events to intentions. It helped us step out of a place of financial struggle and not living our dream into creating multiple six figures in a weekend and impacting people all over the world. If it works for somebody like me, it’ll work for anyone!

1. The Goal. This is the overall arching goal. What is the goal of your creation? If you’re creating an event, what is the goal of that event? For example, if I’m creating an event, my goal may be to inspire people to take action and become global leaders.

2. Emotions. What emotions do you want to evoke? Anytime I'm going to create something, I list the emotions that I want to evoke with that creation. I want the event I’m creating to evoke the emotions of excitement, passion, amazing experiences, and breakthroughs for participants.

3. It Has to Have. On this step, you write down what it must include. In this event, it is imperative to include particular processes in order to create the type of experience we want.

4. Outline what you want the creation to have. The key about outlining is to be sure that you can take any one of the emotions you listed and link it to something in your outline. If I want to have an inspiring event, in my outline I need to make sure something in my outline for that event can be linked to the inspiration. You must include a step in the outline that will evoke the emotions you listed.

When you create, you need to know what experience you want to create. Following this process is easy, quick, flawless, and will save you a lot of time thinking about what you need to do, how to do it, and revising over and over. You can get it done in the first try because your intention is solid, and you know that it hits all the emotions. Use it to create your day, a book, relationships, money, FB lives, posts, whatever it is! Give it a shot!


Go Big or Go Home

What is going big and how does it make a difference in your goal?

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Go Big or Go Home? #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Wednesday, January 11, 2017


If you have a goal that doesn't stretch you or evoke any anxiety to get it, then it's probably not big enough. If you look at that goal and it doesn't scare you a little - if it's not a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal), if it's just mediocre, then go home. What's the point of achieving the goal? If you get that goal, you’ll look back on it and know that you should have gotten something bigger. Don't have regrets. Everything you do should create bigness in your life. Don't allow yourself to be somewhere that isn't big. If you want to share your message, if you want to shine, don't let anything get in your way. Don't let excuses, people, doubts, or fears stop you.

I invite you today to step in to the max. Don't let those voices in your head stop you. Don't let your circumstances stop you. Don't let anything stop you. If you want to create an impact and a massive income doing what you love, you must start with you going big. When you play big, your energy grows. As your energy expands and grows, your influence does too, and you're able to impact more people. What are you going to play big on this year? Comment below and tell us!


Go Beyond the Necessary

Last, but certainly not least, choose to go beyond with your goals. So many times, we do just enough. We go just far enough to where we can say it's done.

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Go Beyond The Necessary #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Friday, January 13, 2017


In contrast, if you go above and beyond what you think is necessary, you will look back without any regrets. Instead of having something just work, you'll understand it. Going beyond your limits breeds understanding. When you understand, instead of having confusion, doubt, and worry, you can systematize and then duplicate. That's the power of going beyond.

If you're frustrated or not getting a goal, I invite you to look at anything you might be resisting or that you have trouble with. Ask yourself what you need to do to go above and beyond. If you allow yourself to go there, what could you learn and understand from that? Whether it's in relationships, sales, or whatever it is, go deep, hone in on it.

Go and do not just what's necessary but go above and beyond and you'll see your results skyrocket.