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See your life with an Eye of Faith (continued)

Have you ever heard of “The Eye of Faith”?

Today I am going to share with you a little bit more on the power of the eye of faith and some tactics that I have been really applying that have helped me just feel happier, have more hope in this life, feel more complete and be able to confront the things that I have been avoiding in my life.

In brief, this is about a form of visualizations. It’s the consistency that helps really make this work. So, for me, I do this morning and night with my spouse, and then I do it morning and night by myself and then throughout the day as well. And this is a really powerful process to help you achieve your goals 10 to a 100 times faster.

Play the Eye of Faith

What you are going to do is what's called "The Eye of Faith". It's a visualization process that evokes about 12 to 13 different parts and makes you able to really feel and experience your desire so that it can happen as you want it.

Whatever it is that you are creating, whatever it is that you have a desire for, that is what you can use the eye of faith on. Let's say for example it's a money goal, relationship goal, or health goal... Anything that you have been desiring that's been tough, you are going to SEE it in your mind's eye.


  • Space: First, you need to create a space where it's quiet and peaceful and then you need to see it in your mind's eye.  

  • Experience it: As you see it, you need to be able to experience the feeling and the emotion that you're evoking.

  • The weight:  The ability to feel the weight or gravity upon yourself. You need to experience that feeling as if it's really real and happening.

  • Intensity: You need to amplify the emotions and the sight of what you are doing.

  • Color: You need to see all the vivid colors around you of what it is that you are interacting with. Then, you want to evoke the interaction between you and that object or person.

  • Sound: You need to get the sounds involved too. Whatever sound it is. Maybe it's the door opening, the steps of somebody, the chirp of the birds... Hearing the sounds really helps you in the process. Another attribute to really focus on aside from sound is the loudness of the sound. So you need to amplify it or decrease it depending on how you want it.

Do It with Joy

If you imagine yourself creating something online, you need to feel the weight and the sensation of your hand on the mouse and your fingertips touching the keyboard. You need to experience the touch and feel the interaction between yourself and the objects or people.

The next piece after this is to really dive in on the overall joy of the experience. Because you want to do it in such a way that it evokes a smile or a laugh as you are experiencing this. Once you do all of these pieces -see it, feel it, since it- and walk through this whole visualization process, you then just want to imagine it going smoothly.

Once you have all these pieces and you are really doing it time after time, you are going to create a pattern of seeing things before they happen and experiencing them in such a way that gives you joy before the event. Thus, you are never a slave to your emotions or circumstances.

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