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What Is Wealth?

When you think about wealth, it matters what your definition is because if you're unsure of what wealth really means then you're not going to attract it. Many people think that wealth is money, fame, and time freedom. Here are some ideas of how to shift your mindset around wealth so that you can bring more wealth to you as you're growing your company and making your impact.


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What is wealth? #ImpactLeaders

Posted by Tyler Watson on Wednesday, March 8, 2017


So, what is wealth? True wealth in my mind represents impacting other people. You could have somebody dirt poor who is making a global impact and, to me, they have a very wealthy lifestyle. Why? Because someone could have a ton of money but if they're not influencing others or making an impact for the good, then they're not truly wealthy. This is important because as you're growing your company and influencing others if wealth represents people and influence in your mind, you can become very wealthy very quickly. Guess what? When you put in your mind that wealth represents people and impact, then all of a sudden instead of worrying about money, you're going to worry about the people. Your time is going to be dedicated to creating and building things to impact people - like online courses, CDs, events, one-on-one conversations, selling your product, or whatever it may be - that is the key to helping people shift and increase their results in life.

Everyone who has a message and is sharing it should always say, "I am wealthy. I have plenty. I have an abundance of wealth." Wealth is impacting people. Be sure you keep that in your mind as you think about helping others and serving them. THAT is true wealth. When you do that and balance all areas of your life, you'll have time freedom, you'll have the money because all your focus is how can I serve the people? How can I bless them? What more can I create? What more can I do? What more can I do for these people? And that wealth mindset allows you to make offers, it allows you to call people to action, and it allows you to do what is necessary to impact those people through the enrollment effect.

My call to action for you is to start thinking about wealth differently. Don’t get trapped in the limited thought that wealth is just the money aspect. Get your mind wrapped around about how wealth equals impact. That is the key when you're focusing and talking to people. You won’t be worried about money or about paying the bills. You'll be worried about helping others people live their dreams. When you help enough people live their dreams, you're living yours. That's the coolest thing. Don't be a slave or a victim to your circumstances and don't let money dictate your definition of wealth. Master this money mindset because it matters who you're impacting.