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Where Most People Fall Short With the Law of Attraction

I teach a lot of clients and run a lot of seminars, and I’ve noticed a common theme that's occurring right now. A lot of people are trying to apply the Law of Attraction to achieve their goals – whether in relationships, money, or whatever – and they keep falling short because they’re missing a simple, key part.

This is so simple that most people will get it, but 90% won't do it. That's why 90% of the people on the planet aren't fulfilled in life, aren't living their dreams, or having the relationships they want.

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Posted by Tyler Watson on Wednesday, February 15, 2017


If you really want to get some amazing results, you've got to do this. It's legal, moral, ethical, and intelligent - so commit to applying it now.

First, write down what you’re working on that you want to apply this to. You’ve got to own it - and writing it down helps with that. For me, it's being more present with the things I'm doing.

Now, here’s what most people do when they’re thinking about the Law of Attraction and wanting to acquire something – they visualize it. They think about it. They even feel it as if it's already there. Try it … think about a certain amount of money you want to create. Take that amount and imagine as if it's already here. Most people who are familiar with the Law of Attraction know this is an important step. However, most people stop here - and by so doing destroy the Law of Attraction. So, they visualize it, feel as if they already have it, are grateful for having it, receive it, feel it, really let it sink in … then they stop and continue their day. Their emotions drop immediately after the visualization.

The test (and the key to success) is can you continue to feel the excitement and joy of what you want – not just for 5 minutes, but experience and live it as if it were real? Even after life starts again and we go about your day? Even when your stinkin' thinkin' kicks in and that wonderful feeling switches to doubt?

It’s normal for your thoughts to switch, but too often when that happens, people decide it's not working … and of course it isn't - because if you want something to work, you must become that person. It's can’t be just a feeling for a few moments. It must become innate and deep enough that nothing will thwart it - even if a bill comes in that you can't pay or your spouse says something negative to you or whatever happens. The test is, can you become that person capable of receiving what you want?

You will have drops. The key is to get back up quickly. If you can create that emotion and continue it, by law you will start to bring the things you want to your life. Nothing can stop it other than you changing your feeling. How do you change your feeling? It's tied to your thinking. Catch those thoughts. When something negative happens, accept it, receive it, learn from it, and change. Turn on the energy to create what you want.