Cindy Hall

I am so impressed with the impact this program has had on my life. I have had a total transformation happen within myself and my business while taking the freedom catalyst system. I started doing personal finance counseling because my friends wanted help with their finances and I love finances. However, I did not know what I should focus on each session and was not making much money. While working with Tyler everything changed. I went from unsure on how to really help them to having a system that not only teaches them how to survive financially but helps them thrive. Not only in life but with their marriage and life mission. I have learned the importance of having people invest in themselves and their purpose in life. Now I have my clients saying things like, "I have exciting news to tell you [about our finances]," or "I don't think you realize how much this is changing our marriage," and "This is life changing." I not only had no problem getting another client when I wanted one but I more than tripled what I was making per client. I am a stay at home mom and now have no fears of knowing how to create money and change the world while I'm doing it! Thanks Tyler!