I am grateful for Tyler and all of the skills he has shared with me but one tool, in particular, has really blessed me and my family. I attended one of Tyler's events where he taught dowsing. My first impression of the technique included thoughts like this is too simple and weird. I never thought dowsing would ever impact my life as it has.

During that time, I was self-employed and making decent money.  One day a  business contract was canceled, basically shutting down my business and leaving me in debt to the IRS for $26,000. I was in a desperate situation and after much praying, I received inspiration to use the dowsing technique on the debt. I was reminded that Tyler taught us that everything is energy and the inspiration I received was, "if everything is really energy then this debt is just energy. It can be shifted to a favorable outcome on your end".  After rewatching the Bridge to Unstoppable training videos and going over my notes on dowsing, I began to use dowsing to eliminate my debt. 

During negotiations with the IRS, it was determined that all of my business assets would be confiscated and auctioned off to satisfy my debt. The day of the Auction, I met the IRS officers at the site and waited.  Nobody showed up! After 3 hours of waiting, the IRS officers declared the auction a bust and informed me they weren't interested in moving or storing the equipment and wrote off the debt allowing me to keep the equipment! I was told I could sell the equipment myself and keep the money. Which I did! I am grateful that Tyler taught dowsing that day and that he created Bridge to Unstoppable so I could refine my skills, and feel confident about using dowsing to eliminate my debt with the IRS.