Shannon Hansen

I downloaded The Enrollment Effect book over the weekend and listened to the entire thing. I wanted to tell you, after holding sales calls for several weeks with ZERO success at enrolling 1 person, Monday morning I enrolled my first client at $1,997 (payment plan) and Tuesday I enrolled a $997 client who paid in full. I had a 3rd call today and she enrolled as well. Totally legit, I have already told several friends struggling witht he same thing to grab a book. Since reading the book I have had a 100% success rate at enrolling clients. 

Based on the mindset shifts and the tools you teach and use in the book, I made adjustments to my sales script and began showing up 100% for the person and being a servant to them, instead of serving myself first. It has changed the energy and vibration in me but also in my calls. I can't wait to see what the rest of this week brings in the enrollment calls I have scheduled. 

I do plan to revisit this book often. Thank you for writing this and putting it out into the world so I could benefit from it.