The thing I liked about Tyler is that he was really frank about when you want to have a change of mindset, a change of results is the best way to have that happen. It became clear right away that Tyler had a unique ability to inspire you to take action, even if it starts with baby steps - let's do something that's going to start to produce different results. So then I was able to take that and go, "Okay, this is where we've got to start."

Everything that Tyler does, once you... read more!

I downloaded The Enrollment Effect book over the weekend and listened to the entire thing. I wanted to tell you, after holding sales calls for several weeks with ZERO success at enrolling 1 person, Monday morning I enrolled my first client at $1,997 (payment plan) and Tuesday I enrolled a $997 client who paid in full. I had a 3rd call today and she enrolled as well. Totally legit, I have already told several friends struggling witht he same thing to grab a book. Since reading... read more!

I am grateful for Tyler and all of the skills he has shared with me but one tool, in particular, has really blessed me and my family. I attended one of Tyler's events where he taught dowsing. My first impression of the technique included thoughts like this is too simple and weird. I never thought dowsing would ever impact my life as it has.

During that time, I was self-employed and making decent money.  One day a  business contract was canceled, basically shutting down my... read more!

The Connect event was quite impressive. Attending and physically going through the processes helped me to move past emotional blocks, and created confidence that I have not felt by any other way.

Tyler presented effective, logical sales and enrollment techniques. He also taught tools that help over-come your self-defeating thoughts and feelings. I would recommend this Connect training class to anyone that needs to work on these areas. Tyler's approaches and methods will help you to communicate your message and build your business.

My experience at the Connect event showed me the absolute importance of my personal well-being and connection to my higher-power in moving forward with my business and goals. I loved how important this part of our preparation is to them. My biggest fears with my business and future are that I will have a lack of motivation, that I will become petrified with self-doubt and give up. I'm so grateful for a group that will not only give me the business skills to move forward, but the personal... read more!

I loved how practical "Connect" was! We learned concepts, and then acted on them. We built our businesses and worked on how we think. I feel like I'm walking out of this event with direction, with confidence in my ability to share what I have to offer, and it was just fun so I am happy! Thanks for this opportunity!

These four days were amazing.

I learned great things from business skills to emotional healing techniques. I know it will make a huge impact in my life and my business. I made a lot of friends and got to know a variety of lifechanging stories.

Thanks, Tyler and Staff, for your great service!

The Connect Conference was a weekend that transformed a far-off dream into a solid plan. We had a wonderful idea but no direction, plan, or strategy on our own to make it a reality. We knew this, and because we knew this we knew ithat it really wouldn't happen. After this weekend, we (my husband and I) are committed, dedicated, enlightened, and prepared to do what it takes to make our dreams a reality. And with this weekend, I feel so propelled and capable of taking the next steps for... read more!

I found Tyler's classes, "Impact to Income" and "Connect: Mastering the One to One" profoundly helpful. I feel 100% confident that my conversations with family and friends and perspective clients will be better and more meaningful.

I loved the clarification that I got in my message that I was sharing with perspective clients. I'm excited now abaout making an offer. Tyler and his team are phenominal at instantly getting to the heart of issues or problems with your presentation. I... read more!