"I left a very bad selling workshop experience and came to yours with low hopes. You have fulfilled my needs and beyond with your balanced and authentic approach to everything. I have already told three other people about this experience and plan to return for more fun – as a global leader."

"Tyler has wisdom beyond his years. Do not let his age or casual dress make you not partake and enroll in his coaching. His progress will be used in all walks of life and really act as your Freedom Catalyst."

"I finally feel something huge shifting. I’ve long been enslaved to very unhealthy beliefs about money. Investing in this program opened up a space for me to create new, healthy, and vibrant beliefs because it was ultimately an investment in ME. I’ve never been able to invest in myself on this scale or magnitude before and it feels fantastic. The systems I’ve learned here are the method to what WAS my madness – they have brought order, logic, and ingenuity to our business."

"The enrollment process, strategy session, and story skills Tyler teaches are of incalculable value. The way he explains, demonstrates, and illustrates these skills integrated with each other creates an experience of deep learning.

Participating in the event has been a moving experience, giving me new insights and renewed motivation in my progress.

I am eternally grateful for the wisdom, knowledge, and experience Tyler and Emily shared."

"Looks can be deceiving! I met Tyler and heard about his work with his youthful energy and didn’t know how deep it really went. After the Impact 2 Income seminar I was changed about how I saw money and even more importantly learned about how to craft my stories, presentation, and goals to reflect my innermost desires. I left feeling hopeful about my financial future that as a doctor I have struggled with for many years. Looking forward to more.

Thank you, Tyler and Emily."

"I am leaving for home now, mesmerized by the teachings of Tyler. I just can’t wait to implement all of the strategies I have learned. Let the magical Enrollment Effect begin."

"I found this seminar to be very helpful at getting the life lessons and learning how to tell my story to make a more powerful impact. Tyler has a great talent for reaching his audience, and I really felt his passion. This in turn has inspired me to become better at this.

Thank you so much!!"

"This is my second time to this event and it was every bit as transformational as it was the first time! I loved the skills, practice, and connections I gained. It was like having a 30-day training crammed into three days. I love Tyler & Emily’s passion and authenticity and would highly recommend this course!"

"The Freedom Catalyst has changed my life. They have given me the tools to begin to create the life I want and the confidence to know more of what I want and need."

"I came into this course looking for direction on how to repackage myself and my story. I have gained insight and wisdom that has helped me redirect my negative thinking and empower myself in a way I did not think was possible anymore. PTSD rocked my foundation to the core and shifted my existence for the worse. Walking away today, I am more confident and have a way better direction than I have had in a long time. Thank you, Tyler for your inspiration and your time. I will never forget it.... read more!