"Presentation Power was very helpful to help me figure out what I was missing in order to make the next move. I have struggled with how I am going to use my story in order to become successful and follow my dreams. This seminar I believe will help so many people find clarity and a way to make money by being genuine and true to one’s self. Finding a way to openly talk with different people and follow the thread will be something I continue to use and teach others about. Tyler did a fantastic... read more!

"If you have been asking yourself, “how do I live out my purpose?” then take this course. Tyler nailed it! Tyler is an amazing speaker and facilitator and truly leaves you feeling like you’ve known him your entire life. If you get a chance get in front of Tyler."

"I am so glad I came. 3S Enrollment teaches the skills for the foundation of my dream. This is real-time value. I’ve heard a lot of hype and this gives you the map of what you actually need to receive your goal as well as just feeling better short term.

Please come, it is so worth it."

"This 3-day class helped me to realize that I do have value that can be monetized on. It opened my eyes to ways that I was pushing money away and helped me become more comfortable receiving in many ways, not just in a money exchange. This class also helped me to package my gift so that I could offer it to people in a way that they could see the true value of it."

"I have enjoyed Tyler and Emily’s event. I always feel understood, valued, and respected at whatever place I am in life. I leave inspired, taught, uplifted. I enjoy the simulations and learning experiences that they take us through. I gained insights about myself, what holds me back, and I was able to let go of it and shift and consequently live with more freedom. They helped me to gain more clarity of what my passion is."

"Wow! What a class! THE best way to spend my Saturday. I feel SO liberated! I can do anything! I seriously feel no limits and that is HUGE because usually I have too many to count. This class has empowered me. It has unlocked doors of possibilities. I am so excited to live the life I want NOW!!! No matter what my past has said, I can do anything NOW!!!"

"I am so glad that I came to the Enrollment Effect. I have needed to have the know-how in enrolling and just connecting with people. The activities were so fun. I connected with several class members in different ways. I am ready to go forward sharing my message with confidence. Tyler & Emily are very down to earth, compassionate, and on fire with their message. They have it all together and exude excellence.

I recommend you come. It will be well worth your time."

When I signed up for this program I have a lot of expectations. I want more powerful results and I was ready to make changes that can have an impact in my life and my family life. I have to say that Tyler is very empowering and has done a marvelous job in providing valuable tools that I could use for the rest of my life to create higher level of success in both personal and career. Not only do I understand the tools, but I can share them with other people as well. This program has created... read more!

I was at a standstill in my life. I had learned a million ways NOT to go forward but I was stuck without a map. Feeling like the end was near I prayed for God to bring a teacher into my life to show me the way to win. Tyler Watson showed me the way forward and opened my mind to the power I already had inside me. Tyler is a master at unlocking potential and turning it into power. I'm so grateful God bright him into my life.

When we started with Tyler we felt like we knew exactly where we were going. We were sure we knew what we wanted and what our higher power wanted from us. Through Tyler we realized that we were just a little off. With his guidance, tools, and strategies we were able to out sell our coorperate trainers! But more importantly we found balance, peace, and harmony with our higher power, our marriage and our long term family goals. Thanks Tyler.