Achieving goals

Interview with Michael Coulombe: Learn how to celebrate the little things in life

Michael is a writer and filmmaker.  He has always worked hard to inspire people. He walked off his job 11 years ago and decided that he wanted to follow his dream of being a writer….he started in film. Michael says that “I have now worked on over 200 films and I also write and direct. I have started a film festival, hosted a networking event AND am now a podcaster”

Create Your New Year Story

We are the author of our lives.  Most people go around randomly filling the pages of their book.  Some good some not so good.  What if we could influence what happens in our lives?  What if there was a way to write our own story and actually create it and watch it unfold.  This is what I used when I first started my journey to success and I still do it today because it works!

Interview With Nicole Jansen: Using Your Strengths This Year to Succeed Faster

Nichole Jansen’s mission is to improve the quality of life for everyone through the transformation of the marketplace. Her specialty is helping people play to their strengths and transform their purpose into a profitable business, so they can have more fun, make more money, and make a greater impact in the world. Check out her website…

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